A Brutal Chill in August, a Novel of Polly Nichols, the First Victim of Jack the Ripper, a historical fiction novel by Alan M. Clark. The novel is read by Alicia Rose.

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“With A Brutal Chill in August, Alan M. Clark continues his terrific fictionalized accounts of the Ripper's victims—always compelling, and always expertly evoking nineteenth century London. Gripping, suspensefulwritten with sensitivity and heart."

—Simon Clark, author of Night of the Triffids

A Brutal Chill in August, one of a series wherein Alan Clark masterfully recreates the sorry lives of the Ripper's victims, is awash in atmospheric detail of those dark days in 19th century London. Exhaustively researched, Clark brings to life the plight of London's poor, and the extremes to which they must go in order to merely survive... or succumb as victims to disease, abuse, alcoholism, or worse. A great read.

--Elizabeth Engstrom, author of Lizzie Borden