A Parliament of Crows, a historical fiction novel by Alan M. Clark. The novel is read by Laura Jennings.

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In A Parliament of Crows, the three Mortlow sisters are prominent American educators of the nineteenth century, considered authorities in teaching social graces to young women. They also pursue a career of fraud and murder. Their loyalty to one another and their need to keep their secrets is a bond that tightens with each crime, forcing them closer together and isolating them from the outside world. Their ever tightening triangle suffers from madness, religious zealotry and a sense of duty warped by trauma they experienced as teenagers in Georgia during Sherman's March to the Sea. As their crimes come back to haunt them and a long history of resentments toward each other boils to the surface, their bond of loyalty begins to fray. Will duty to family hold or will they turn on each other like ravening crows?

"Crime and horror wrapped in a wondrous symmetry, made all the more terrifying by its factual basis A Parliament of Crows has it all. Read it!"

—F.Paul Wilson, author of Cold City

"Anyone who liked Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City will love this book.  Full of ghoulish characters straight out of Charles Adams, it paints a portrait that screams the very essence of Southern Gothic."

—Al Sarrantonio, author of Skeletons and Halloweenland.

"With A Parliament of Crows, author Alan M. Clark weaves a tale that shows that truth is far, far stranger than fiction. Part courtroom drama, part historical thriller, part Antebellum Gothic, A Parliament of Crows offers a rare glimpse into the lives of three sinister sisters surrounded by mourning, madness, and murder."

—Ross E. Lockhart, editor of The Book of Cthulhu I & II, author of Chick Bassist

"I can't recall the last time I actually gasped aloud whilst reading a novel, but Clark really shook me up with A Parliament of Crows. It puts the Gothic into Southern Gothic."

—Molly Tanzer, author of A Pretty Mouth

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