Jack the Ripper Victims Series: Say Anything But Your Prayers,

a novel by Alan M. Clark. The novel is read by Alicia Rose.

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In the pursuit of something better, nothing is sacred. The story of Elizabeth Stride, the third victim of Jack the Ripper. Book 2 in the Jack the Ripper Victims series

"With Say Anything But Your Prayers, Clark proves himself to be the ultimate double-threat,his prose every bit as evocative and compelling as his art. Steeped in Victoriana Say Anything is a worthy addition to Ripperology.”

—Steven Savile, author of Silver and London Macabre

"A moving account of an unfortunate life. Clark imbues Stride’s character with a delicate amount of hope and innocence, which makes reading about her struggles and heartaches—and ultimately her death—all the more affecting."

—Brett McBean, Saucy Jacky website

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