Jack the Ripper Victims Series: Of Thimble and Threat, a novel by Alan M. Clark. The novel is read by Alicia Rose.

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In Of Thimble and Threat, Alan M. Clark tells the heartbreaking story of Catherine Eddowes, the fourth victim of Jack the Ripper, explaining the origin and acquisition of the items found with her at the time of her death, chronicling her life from childhood to adulthood, motherhood, her descent into alcoholism, and finally her death. Of Thimble and Threat is a story of the intense love between a mother and a child, a story of poverty and loss, fierce independence, and unconquerable will. It is the devastating portrayal of a self-perpetuated descent into Hell, a lucid view into the darkest parts of the human heart.

Of Thimble and Threat is the unexpected tale of an ordinary woman, told by an extraordinary writer.”

—Elizabeth Engstrom, author of Lizzie Borden and York’s Moon

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